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LED Lighting DIY Help

Your source for DIY LED help! We are here to help you suceed on your project! There are hundreds of ways you can use LEDs and DIY techniques to make cool projects. Want to included your own DIY project on here? Please contact us.

Colors we carry: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Amber, White, Yellow, UV

We manufacture all our LED lights to exact specifications. We have the largest selection of colors to choose from such as red, blue, green, amber, white, purple and the rare color UV which is ultra violet. Choose from 5mm and 8mm LEDs or LED light bulbs to use in your home. Imagine using our products to light your home, car or hobbie projects. Our 1W &3W LEDs are also very popular for DIY users. No matter if its neon tubes or household bulbs our light products offer your long lasting light and reduced power consumption. Our LED lights come ready to install in most cases and we offer you a 30 day warranty. We offer the lowest prices and fast shipping from USA.

Common LED Questions:

Do you offer direct replacement bulbs for inside of my home/business?

Yes, there are three different types of sockets on the market:

  1. E27 Base = Common screw socket. Operates at 110V-240V AC
  2. MR16 = 2 Pins. Operates at 12V DC
  3. GU10 = 2 round pins. Operates at 110V-240V AC

What do I need to do custom lighting in a building?

If you are doing custom installations, you will always need an LED power supply. The LED power supply converts 110V-240V AC current to 12V DC which can then be used with most of our LED products. These include LED tubes, wired LEDs, LED strips, Modules and pods.

What do I need to do custom lighting in my automobile?

Usually nothing more, as long as the LED we have listed specify for 12V use. Vehicles all use 12V DC system which most of our LEDs are designed for. Simply wire it up in your car and they will light up without burning out. 

I want to turn on/off LED wirelessly, what do I need?

If using in your home, again you need our LED power supply. Then, you would need to choose from our wireless LED controllers. The LED power supply takes power from your outlet, converts it to 12V then feeds this to the wireless controller, then the wireless controller connects to your LED. 
If for automobile use, all you need is the wireless controller and the LED.

How do you connect the 3mm/5mm/8mm/10mm?

Depending on which LED you are looking at, some will state they come wired with resistor, some will say resistors are included seperate. If you buy LED such as a 5mm LED - Bare LED without any wire, it will come with a resistor you can power it with any 6-12V power source as long as the resistor is inline with one of its terminals. If you do not, it will blow. Most LED run between 2-3.5V of voltage. Any higher they blow, so thats why they need the resistors or regulator in between. Many of our LED come with regulators for various voltages such as our high power LED modules.