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LED Controllers

Low Power 5A LED Wireless Remote Control - 1 Channel
Low Power 5A LED Wireless Remote Control - 1 Channel
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Remote Control Wireless system! HOT!    $50 RETAIL!

2  - HIGH QUALITY REMOTE CONTROLS (on/off buttons) (battery already installed!)


Input = Hook to your Cars power, or any 12-15V source

Output = Hook to your device you want to turn on/off wirelessly

What can I use this for? You can hook up LED, neons, strobes and other devices and control them 100 feet away from your car! WOW! Turn on/off your cool devices/lights inside your car remotely like you do with an alarm system! Simple basic hookup anyone can do! Great product to use to control your LED products on our website remotely!

1 Channel Instructions for installation

2 Versions available: Low Power and High Power. High Power recommended for devices that will use current upto 15amps. Designed for heavy duty use.

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