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LED Pods & Modules

Quantity Four of 4LED PODS
Quantity Four of 4LED PODS
  • Units in Stock: 100

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  • You get Four 4-LED PODS
  • Chrome plastic housing
  • Super bright 5mm LEDs used shooting same direction
  • 12V DC Power (same as car, boat, rv etc...)
  • Needs to be installed in parallel (no resistor needed for 12V)
  • Can mount using 2 screws or use glue/epoxy/tape
  • Water Resistant
POD 4LED POD 4LED4LED POD with wire attached! About 1.25 inches long x .75 inch wide Click to enlarge


Which pod is best for my application?

Much is varied depending on what kind of lighting your are looking for. Light shooting straight from the mounting surface or perpendicular to the mounting surface. If require a wide angle light, the 5LED is perfect. Our 4LED pod had screw holes allowing it to be mounted to flat surfaces with screws where the 5LED pod does not allow this. The 5LED is great for mounting on surfaces with glues for a clean look.

For example if your looking for light under your seat or dash, the 5LED would be perfect because some super glue could hold it under the surface flush.

Where do I install these pods on my motorcycle?

Installation is up to you. They can be installed anywhere as long as they are not near the exhaust pipes or directly on really hot surfaces. They are made from plastic and can melt if you place them on a metal object that is touching. Wiring can be made to existing lights, such as the wire going to your tail light. That way your lights only turn on when your tail lights are on. You can also install wireless remote control or normal switches between your lights and the power source. You can run a wire directly to your bikes battery with a switch in-between.

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