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LED Components

X9 3W Wide Angle LED Module w/ Aluminum Housing
X9 3W Wide Angle LED Module w/ Aluminum Housing
  • Model: x9
  • Units in Stock: 10000

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LED Module with Aluminum Housing

The best and easiest to install LEDs for any project you may have. Four types to choose from!

These Aluminum LED modules will blow you away! They are 35+ Times brighter than our 5mm/8mm LEDs! Using the latest technology they consume maximum 3 Watts of power and give light output comparable to a 13-25 watt light bulb! Blows away regular LEDs with latest LED technology and voltage regulated circuit designed by PlasmaLED! These LED modules with high quality aluminum housing are ready to install in any project! Uses included: Vehicles, Aquariums, Reef Tanks, Grow Lights, Boats!

4 Different Models to choose from PlasmaLED!

  • 3 Watt LED module in high quality aluminum housing
  • Premium CREE Chipset produce 110 Lumens for 3W White
  • 7 Inches of wire 24 Gauge wire from back
  • Advanced circuit built in for 9V-14V DC or AC Operation
  • Parts Assembled by Hand in the USA!
  • 2 screw holes for mounting
  • Low heat and long life up to 50,000 Hours
  • Aluminum = No Rust
  • Works great on a 9V battery or choose one of our power supplies
  • 1 Year Warranty*
  • Read FAQ
LED module High power
  • Warning! Maximum voltage is 14V AC or DC! Any more causes destruction of the voltage regulator and LED!
  • Warning! Do not look into LED for long periods of time! Danger to eyes!
  • Warning! These lights cannot be dimmed. They have a voltage regulator that prevents it.
  • Warranty does not apply if used inside water.

LED module High power

2 white


1. Are those pictures real?

Yes, these units are top of the line LED technology! 1 LED will blow you away! The pictures were taken in a DARK room with a Nikon camera.

2. Do the LED modules get hot?

It will get warm to the touch, but it should not get burning hot if supplied with the correct DC voltage of 9V-14V. Each unit comes installed a voltage regulator. This voltage regulator insures proper voltage to the LED.

3. Is the LED module waterproof?

The unit 008 & X7 with lense are waterproof! Indoor/Outdoor IP68 rated

4. Whats the difference between 008 and 009 models?

The 009 & X9 are wide angle, meaning it send the light everywhere in 120+ deg angle. The 008/X7 shoots the light in one direction, around 25 deg's angle...So all your light will be focused onto a small area with the 008 & X7.

  • Size info: 009 - Height = 1cm Diameter of base = 4cm Diameter of top = 2.75cm
  • Size info: 008 - Height = 3cm Diameter of base = 4cm Diameter of top = 3cm (diagram here)
  • Size info X9 - See (diagram here)

5. The blue looks kind of purple?

Sorry, thats the best a camera can take of a blue high power led. It really is 100% blue, no purple.

6. What are the wavelengths of the colors?

Blue is 460-475nm, Green 515-535nm, Amber 585-595nm, Red 620-630nm, Warm White 3000K, White 5000K, UV-Ultra Violet 410nm

8. Are they dimmable? No sorry, they must be on or off. They each have a voltage regulator (not resistor) which will take anything from 9V to 14V AC or DC down to the required voltage level the LED requires.

9. Can I see these in action? Please look below video!

10. Can you run these off regular batteries!

Yes! Run them off standard 9V square batteries! Shown below.

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