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Motorcycle LED Kit Installation

Motorcycle LED Kit Installation Instructions


Locate your battery. You will need to run a wire to your battery for power delivery to the lights. The only reason you would connect these lights directly to the battery would be if you want to use the switch and have the lights turn on when the bike is also off as well. Some may want this, some may want to have the lights on only during riding or when the bike is on. If you only want it on when the bikes lights are on, then you don’t need the switch or the battery. You would need to simply wire these to the tail light wire or to the headlight wire. You simply strip a bit of the wire off those wires and wire the LED directly to them.

LED installation

If wiring to the battery, you need one wire on the positive and one wire on the ground. You run this bare wire to where all the LED will be mounted with a switch in between.

LED installation


If not using a switch you can use a wireless switch which we offer as well.

Common Questions:

What size wire do I need to wire my bike if the wire provided is not long enough? 

You can use any wire as long as its 24 gauge. 24 gauge is very thin, so don’t worry. No matter what wire you use, you just want to make sure it doesn’t touch any HOT metal parts causing melting of the wire.

Where do I mount the LEDs? This is completely up to you. Some mount them under their fairings, under the tail lights. 

Do not mount them to hot metal, such as directly on metal engine or exhaust as they will melt. Try to secure your wires with zip ties the best you can.


Bike LED installation

Bike LED installation

What connector on the switch provided is what? There are 3 terminals on a switch. 

Ground – This is ground, wire from the battery negative terminal which also goes to the LEDs black wire.
Positive Input (+) - From battery or existing light switch wire
Positive Ouput (LED+) – This goes to your LEDs positive wire

LED installation