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1036 LED Bulb - 1036 High Power LED
BRIGHT! 1036

High Power 1036

High Power 1036









1036 LED Bulb - 1036 High Power LED

One Pair 1036 LED Light (2 bulbs)
1 High-Power LED Per Bulb
1036 12V (10x36MM)
Super White
95 Degree Wild View Angle
For Interior Lights, Side Marker Lights, Running Lights....

Triple Brightness than Normal LED bulbs
The Best Bulbs on the Market!

Each LED cluster consists 6 LED Chips, for a total 6 LEDs in a small cluster to create a highest intensity of brightness. Great for boats and motor homes that use this type of bulb.

Caution: For eyes safety, please don't look directly at the bulb within one meter.




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