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3W high power LED
10mm LED

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3W blue
Red 10mm LED gives wide angle light!

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3W blue
Just a few can light up a whole room!

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10mm LED wired
Above example of our other 10mm LED with wire attached 9-14VDC


10mm LED wired
Above 10mm LED Holders Shown



World's Brightest 10mm LED!

Brightest 10mm Ready to Light!

These LEDs will blow you away! They are 20-30 Times brighter than our 5mm/8mm LEDs! Using the latest technology they consume .5 Watts of power and give light output comparable to a 4-8 watt light bulb! You will blow away your friends when they witness its power!

Whats included?

  • 10mm LEDs * We sell 10 at a time
  • 10 Inches of wire 26 Gauge wire attached
  • Resistor Built in for 9V-15V DC power (automotive or boat)
  • All Assembled by Hand in the USA!
  • Average light output is up to 285,000 MCD for White
  • 40 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Emitting Color:12VDC 10mm 40° 5-Chips 0.5 Watt CLEAR LED
  • View the Data Sheet for more information
  • Warning! Maximum voltage is 15V! Any more causes destruction of the resistor and LED!
  • Warning! Do not look into LED for long periods of time! Danger to eyes!

Price for (10 PC Set) $29.99 FREE SHIPPING


Bright 10mm LED in Various Colors:

Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, White

  • Wired LED 10mm size.
  • 12VDC Wired 10mm LED
  • Narrow Viewing Angle: 20~25 Deg
  • 20cm Cables attached
  • Works on 9-14VDC
  • Install on: Car, Boat, DIY, 9V Battery
  • Average light output is 10,000 MCD

Price for (20PC SET) $34.99 FREE SHIPPING


10 x 10mm LED Plastic Holders

Drill holes, and use these LED holders to create a clean installation.

  • For 10mm LEDs in diameter
  • ABS Plastic
  • Black or Chrome Plated
  • 10 pieces minimum order - Cannot mix colors sorry

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