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LED Strips

LED strip brightness DATA (1 ft):
  • Red 200 mcd
  • Yellow 200 mcd
  • Green 400 mcd
  • Blue 180 mcd
  • white 500 mcd
  • Operating voltage: 9-14V (Yes! can operate on regular 9V Battery)
  • Operating current(1 ft): 90mA
  • LED type: 5050 SMD 3-Chip

























LED Strip Lights LED rope lighting strings

LED strip lights are the latest new technology in LED rope lighting. They are flexible LED strips that can be mounted on any smooth surface. You can flex these LED strips as much as you want vertically and they won't break! They can flex +/- 45 deg or look at the pictures to get an idea of the flexibility.

  • Long lasting LED Strips for 100,000 Hours
  • Flexible +/- 45 Deg
  • Low power consumption (9-14V DC power required)
  • Super Bright Micro LEDs
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to install with built on Adhesive (surface must be clean and smooth)
  • 1mm thickness and 1 cm wide!
  • Can be shortened every 3 cm. Please note the part you cut typically cannot be used because soldering a wire would be very difficult. Only the 1ft allows the second portion to be cut and reused, but additional power connector is required then.
  • Water proof
  • 3M Adhesive on bottom

Your choice in 1 ft, 2 ft, 4 ft and 8ft lengths in various colors depending on length including Red, Blue, Green Purple, Amber, Yellow, Pink, White. 1ft Strips can be extended as long as you want, each peice includes a connector. Each 1ft will include the proper connector to extend your strips as long as you need. You can connect various colors in a row for the 1ft strips only. All strip will include 1 power connector so you can wire it to any 9-14V DC electrical source. 3M adhesive applied. Strip can be cut, but only the 1ft strips will allow the second portion to be used with an additional power connector.

Strip Type and Length

Video of our LED Strip by the Foot. Buy more than 1 and they can attach to each other to make any length you want. From 2ft to 30 feet. They attach using a 4 pin connector.


RGB LED Strip (Red Green Blue LEDs Produces any color)

$29.99 and up FREE SHIPPING!: This is our high tech LED strips which includes a flasher box with various flashing patterns done by a controller box. It will cycle between: Red, Green and Blue emitting colors. This controller box can also be used on our LED Strip by the foot sold above but only will change color on the provided RGB type 1ft strip. (Watch Video Below) - We sell also our 32ft length with controller or buy our advanced 2 channel RGB controller with sound activation.



LED strips in water

Strip on Window

LED strip lights are the latest rope light product with advanced technology. LED strips come in various lengths and are extremely thin in comparison with traditional rope lights.  LED strips lights can be used anywhere in the home, car or industry. All you need to provide is 12V DC power. This low voltage allows LED strips to be used in places normally dangerous for electricity. Our LED strips are water proof and can be used in bathrooms, boats and outside without concern. One of the most useful aspects of LED strips is the ability to flex as much as 45-90 deg without damage. LED strips are perfect for vehicle interiors where bends are common.

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