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LED under car kit

LED under car
LED under car
LED car

LED under car

Advanced LED Under Car Kit

Our newest LED under car kit with 2.1 million color output. This under car kit comes with 378 ultra bright LED's 2 x 36" and 2 x 48". Wireless remote control is included.

This product is not just limited to vehicle use by any use which 12V power is available. For home decor or commercial applications, these LED under car kits are great! Since LED under car kits operate off of basic 12V DC, you simply have to power them with our LED power supply. With that said, installation can be anywhere a household plug is located. A great use of this product is behind frosted glass.

  • 2.1 Million color extraordinary kit at an unbelievable cost!
  • 7 Solid Colors - "can be on steady"
  • 5 levels of sound sensor sensitivity
  • Pulse, Fade, Strobe, Zigzag, Chase, and much more
  • A magnificent multi-function 2.1 million color changing kit that operates from the wireless remote up to 65' distance.




• 2 x 36" high impact acrylic tubes (for front and rear)
• 2 x 48" high impact acrylic tubes (for sides)
• Main control panel with user-friendly LED display
• Multi-function wireless remote control (65' range)
• All wiring and mounting hardware
• Easy to follow installation guide



Built With Flexible Tubes That Are Unbreakable And Can Be Bended To Fit Almost All Surfaces.  No More Broken Tubes! (Exclusive Feature!).


• Displays 2.1 Million Colors
• 7 Solid Colors
• Fits all cars and trucks
• 378 Digitally controlled wide-angle LEDs
• Display colors such as:Red, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Yellow, and Aqua
• 18 color patterns including one million color combinations
• 12 distinct flash patterns
• 5 levels of million colors changing speed
• 5 distinct music display patterns
• 5 levels of flash speed
• 5 levels of sound sensor sensitivity
• Adjustable speed and sensitivity
• Ability to display one color at a time
• Pulse, Fade, Strobe, Zigzag, Chase, and much more
• Memory of last selected program
• `Watch dog’ function
• 100 years memory life
• Double waterproof and shatterproof
• Uses standard vehicle power (DC 12V)

4 Tubes, 2.1 Million Color, Multi-functional kit!




• Our LED under car kits come with everything needed! No additional purchases required. Installation time can vary depending on locations under the car you will mount. Drilling may be required.





Quick history of LED under car kit

Some of the first under car kits were made out of heavy, fragile neon tubes. Street glow was one of the first and most popular companies with this product. As neon tubes gained technology, they were made for heavy duy and thin. But no matter what was done to neon tubes, they were still fragile to rocks, speed bumps etc... When led technology was introduced to the automotive sector as an alternative to neon tubes, the first led under car lights were very dim and single colored. The leds used in these under car kits were still expensive, so they could not put as many as they want on the tube for cost savings. As led prices dropped, more and more leds were incorporated into these somewhat flexible tubes. As the brightness was increased, other colors were incorporated into the same tube allowing the user to change the color from a box inside the car. Later, wireless devices came into play which allowed you to turn them on/off from within 100 ft. As led under car kits evolved, million colors became an option. By adjusting the brightness the leds emit, and which are turned on, you can create millions of colors the same wa LCD monitors work.



This is our flag shipment motorcycle LED light kit with the largest amount of LED on board with 4 seperate strips and ability to control the lights colors remotely! Choose various colors or various light patterns on your motorcycle! Can be install as well on vehicles or in your home with AC-DC adapter sold on our website. 100% waterproof strips! Heavy duty! Please note this product is best for a car and not so much on motorcycle due to the size. Unless you have a large motorcycle.

Whats included - see video below

  • 2 x 36 inch flexible strips
  • 2 x 48 inch flexible strips
  • Controller box and wiring
  • Wireless remote control with On/off and button for color selections

Special Offer: $89.99 with FREE SHIPPING!



LED under car



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