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GU10 LED Light Bulb

GU10 LED Light Bulb Base

NEW! STATE OF THE ART! This GU10 saves power and gives you usable light. Do not compare this with other LED light bulbs on the market, these actually work! They should give you as much light output as a standard 25 watt light bulb, but consumes 8 times less power!


  • GU10 110V standard US socket
  • 3-5 Watt High Power LED giving you Super Light output 90 lumens for 3W and nearly 200 lumens for the 5W
  • 40 Degree lense shines a nice beam.


  • GU10 LED Light Bulb Base using 110V
  • Entertainment Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • City Beautification
  • Medical lighting
  • Portalbe Lighting
  • Low Power Use Lighting in Home


  • High Brightness
  • Environmental protection
  • Saves Power (only 3 watt, 5% of the average 60 watt bulb)
  • Many applications in Home/Business
  • Uses normal US sockets such as any other 60 watt bulb
  • 20X the lifetime of a normal bulb while saving you energy!
  • 3 Watt - $12.99 Each FREE SHIPPING!
  • 5 Watt - $18.99 Each FREE SHIPPING (195 Lumen)
Color & Wattage

We also sell in MR16 & E27 sockets Base

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RGB GU10 5W LED Color changing Lamp

This cool 5W LED color changing lamp will change 16 different colors with a wireless remove control. The Multi-Color LED Light bulb is a super bright LED bulb that can transition through dozens of color and rightness combinations.  The IR remote can select an individual color or brightness level or choose one of four different transition effects.  Great for mood lighting, decorating, parties or special lighting environments. High Power LED, High Luminous intensity outputr prior admission is required for any intended return of items. Long operating life (up to 10k hours).It has four brightness level settings and four transition effects (long pause on each color, short pause, slow fade between colors, faster fade). The light is generated from a 5 Watt LED.

·         remote can turn bulb on/off and adjust colors, transitions, brightness levels

s    - 4 transition effects - flash, strobe, fade, smooth

      - Access to 16 specific colors (including White, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple)

·         Application: For indoors use only in "open air" or nearly "open air" fixtures, such as exposed track and suspended fixtures. Cannot be used in fully enclosed fixtures.

·        Warning: For indoors use only in "open air" or nearly "open air" fixtures, such as exposed track and suspended fixtures. Cannot be used in fully enclosed fixtures .

·         Warning: If you are planning on using these lights for outdoor/landscape use, please make sure your fixtures are waterproof.  If not, this will void our store return policy and warranty.




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