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high lumens led
2 inches in diamter with 4 screw hole locations for easy mounting onto surfaces.

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3x1 watt high lumen led
3x1 Watt LED 12V operation

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High Lumens 3 x 1 Watt High Power LED

3, 1 watt High power leds incorprated into 1 unit. Great for custom installations into home housings or automotive lighting applications. Easy mounting with 4 screw hole locations. Mount under cabinets, under car seats, trunk and anywhere else you can fit it. Operation best at 12-13V.

Whats included?

  • 1 3x1 Watt LED (Luxeon)
  • Long life of 50,000 Hours at 12V
  • 6 Inches of 18 wire Gauge wire
  • Voltage regulator Built in for 9-14V DC power use
  • All Assembled by Hand in the USA!
  • Consume less than 350mA
  • Compact, 2 inches diameter
  • White: 180 lumens,
  • Blue: 60 lumens
  • Red: 140 lumens

Warning High Lumens! Do not look into LED for long periods of time! Danger to eyes!

Price for EACH $24.99 (One Sale!)



What voltage does this run at?

The circuit is designed to adjust voltage at around 12V. So you must give it +/2 12V power same as vehicle use.

How much heat does this unit give off?

It has been tested only to become slightly hot to the touch. If enough ventalation it will not burn anything.

High lumens led?

High lumens led means this product gives alot of area light out, dispersed not in one location. Great for rooms you want lit.



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