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High Power LEDs

Are you interested in high power leds? You have come to the right place. We carry 5 types of high power leds to suit your needs. Choose from 10mm, 1 watt, 3 watt and aluminum housing 1 watt units that are water proof. Our new 18 watt LED module at the bottom of the page is the brightest unit you can buy for your home that will light up a whole room. We also carry the new 3x1W modules that run on AC current. High power leds range from 1 watt to 3 watt in power. High power leds we carry come in available to be installed on 12V circuits such as automobile or choose AC operation version to install in your home environment. AC modules are great for under cabinet lighting in kitchens or in bars. Our high power 008 aluminum modules for example can be installed under water such as swimming pools.

High Power LEDs 10mm
10 mm High Power LED

1 Watt High Power LED
1 Watt High Power LED with Wire

  3 Watt High Power LED with wire


Under Cabinet LED Light
Under Cabinet LED Light

Aluminum Modules
  1 Watt High Power Aluminum Modules (water proof)

High Power LEDs
  3x1 Watt High Power LED

Aluminum Modules
  18 x 1 Watt High Power SYSTEM

110V high power
  AC 110V-240V High Power LED Modules


 1036 High-Power LED Interior Bulb

1036 High-Power LED Interior Bulb

10W 25W 100W LED

10W 25W 100W LEDs



What are some uses of high power LED?

Custom installation in your home, business or even car. They make great accent lighting that uses a fraction of regular halogen and incandescent bulbs.

How to I wire these LEDs?

Most LEDs are designed for 12V operation, so if a car, no problem. Just wire it up.

Some of our LED come with a power supply such as the AC 110V-240V LED module kit. Others, all you need to do is buy our LED power supply sold here:

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