LED lights
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3W high power LED
18 x 1 watt high power leds using supplied AC converter for power regulation.

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3W blue
Super bright the 18 LED module can light up a whole room at only consumption of 18 watts!

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3W blue
These pictures don't justify the light output power of this unit! It will BLOW YOU AWAY!



18 LED AC House Hold Spot Light

Do you want the best? Most Bright!

The most powerful LED module system! 18 x 1 watt high power leds powered by a AC transformer that runs from your US houshold sockets. 110-220V AC capable. At 18 watts this can be used for multi purpose installations. Save power in garage, and small spaces with HUGE light output. Can be mounted to any surface since its lightweight and ultra thin at less than .5 cm total thickness

Whats included?

  • 18 x 1 watt LEDS on aluminum Board
  • 1 High power AC transformer for LEDS
  • Runs from your normal wall outlet!


Warning! Do not look into LED for long periods of time! Danger to eyes! Over 900 lumens emitted from this unit! Brighter than 150 watt light bulb!

Price per each system is $100 FREE SHIPPING!




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