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Under Cabinet LED Light

Under Cabinet LED Lights










Under cabinet lights


Under Cabinet LED Light

If you are looking to save energy in your kitchen or simply add usable light under your cabinets easily and cost effectively you need under cabinet LED lights. LED cabinet LED light will last a lifetime of use in most circumstances and save on energy bills while giving your kitchen a modern look.

  • Input - 12-14V
  • Output - 150 lm super bright output
  • Recommend to be teamed up with our power supplies for relaible operation and long life.
  • 5000K color temperature of sun light
  • The direction of the light can be altered with built in swivel
  • Shines light out at 45 degree
  • $26.99 Each FREE SHIPPING!


As you can see below, under cabinet LED lights can be drilled and mounted onto any already existing cabinet. Wiring is simple, because your using 12V to power each unit. You simply get our AC-DC power supply and wire that to many of our cabinet LED lights. The AC-DC power supply can be mounted inside your cabinet or at a remote location. Only 1 wire can be ran through your cabinets and lights powered by parallel operation.

Under Cabinet


10 PCS Under Cabinet LED Lighting

  • 10 x Under Cabinet G4 Light Warm White LED 12V

Many of the under cabinet uses a 10 watt halogen bulb with a G4 base. We think that this LED is a direct replacement only using 1/10 of the power. This LED module has 6 surface mount LED’s that are super bright. For about the size of a quarter it produces a massive amount of light. This module can be used in nearly any application because of its small size and brightness.

  • size: 1 inch diamter , 9mm thick
  • 12V AC/DC SMT LED, 6 LEDs giving 65 lumens output

What else is needed to complete the install in your home?



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